Mission & Vision

Kayra Export, being one of the fastest growing companies in Turkey in e-commerce, which is one of the developing sectors recently around the world, is working by the conception that centers on export.

 While we are doing our duty as a company:

- We are delivering our products safely to our customers in 2-3 days, to wherever they might want in the world,
- We are putting the ethics ahead of everything in every field we are working and on the jobs we are doing with our solution partners,
- We are considering the interests of our country while making investments,
- We are investing mostly into the information and technology,
- We are aiming to make our all staff and solution partners reach cultural and economic prosperity in their social and business life.

These are defining us..


Our Vision

"Knowing the advantages of the location of Turkey, creating an e-commerce network that contains sellers from all over the world such as American, Arab, Asian, African and other countries by using a newly developed, most preferred e-commerce method and seeing our country as a leader in our region and one of the leading in the world excite us."


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