About Us

Kayra Export has founded as a small enterprise in a small historical bazaar made by Ottomans in Kayseri 80 years ago, selling handmade rugs. During first foundation years, the trade with tourists has mostly covered its trade portfolio but as years passed, the trade with tourists has grown and Kayra Export has taken its place in the other field of rug business.
Kayra Export has discovered earlier than its competitors that the global trade has turned its way into the e-commerce and it has adopted its platforms into the e-commerce in 2000s for a better customer relationship and appreciation. During this adoptation, Kayra Export has worked perfectly and neatly like weaving a rug.
Until 2005, Kayra Export has continued its e-commerce activities with its local business. After this year it has completely shifted all of its activities towards e-commerce and added different home textile materials into its product portfolio. From this year on, Kayra Export has continued its persistent progress to become the most preferred and the most advanced e-commerce company in Turkey. 

Today with its 80 years of experience, background, and technology-driven techniques, without compromising the service quality and customer appreciation, the continuously growing Kayra Export has been drawing attention with its different style.
In addition to become a corporation in 2020, Kayra Export has been keeping its highest standarts at customer satisfaciton, sustainability and community good for decades. We keep going on our way with the principles of hard working, honesty and strive.

Kayra Export is aiming to be a big company in Turkey and world by enlarging its business volume and area while keeping up with the latest developments and technologies.

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